Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sword & Sssorcery part 12

"I don't see why you're all that interested." Clarissa rolled over on her bed and stared at Nekki. Who was kneeling in front of a small stand on which she had set up her scrying equipment. "Besides, don't you need something of your subjects?"

"I got enough hair for a couple more views," Nekki yawned and rubbed her eyes, cursing the day they had found out that she was good at scrying. She looked at her closest friend. "I'm interested because I don't want Ap Nud going nutso all over my ass."

"She still sending you to Mistress Triboda?"

Nekki nodded. "I kind of hope that if I can keep Mistress Ap Nud happy she won't keep sending me. Even Triboda's getting tired of it."

"But not so tired that she lets you off."

"You know she can't do that, and she never looks at me with anything less than the stern expression she's got welded to her face." Nekki grimaced. "You know how she likes to have you lay over three pillows when she wants to get in a good swing?"

Chrissi nodded.

"She's having me lay over two and covers my butt with the third."

"So she..."

"Whacks the pillow instead of me," Nekki finished. "Still though, if I can keep from being sent to her..."

"So," Clarissa rolled out of her bed and went over to sit beside Nekki. She peered into the mirror but could see nothing. "Telepathy was her thing, not scrying. "What's happening?"

"Delrayna, I guess her name is, is reading tarot cards." Nekki peered into the mirror. "She's using four cards, which doesn't really give the whole picture. She'd be much better off using a five card spread."

"Well," said Clarissa, if I could see her I could teletell her."

"She's in Penticton, you couldn't reach her there. Besides you have tom see her before you can teletell her anything. At least the first time. And you can't see her because you can not scry her."

"But," said Clarissa, "I can see you and if I can look inside your mind and see the image that you are seeing then maybe I can teletell her how to read the cards properly."

Nekki looked at her friend. "You really think you can."

Clarissa just grinned and sat cross legged and started some deep breathing excersizes. As she did so she imagined herself reaching our to embrace Nekki, slipping inside of her, seeing what she saw. Slowly an image formed inside her. An image of a stall, and a girl prodding at four cards, looking as if she was trying to make sense of it. "You're not doing it right," Clarissa thought. "Let me help..."

The girl in the image jerked, and the image was gone.

"I got a head ache," Nekki groaned.


Delrayna had a splitting headache. She'd been sitting in her stall when a voice had clearly said that she was, doing it right. Doing what right, and who had said it. There was no one in her stall and Mathilda was sitting on a stool near the entrance to the barn.

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