Monday, March 9, 2009

Sword & Sorcery part 14

"Triboda's on the warpath!" Cynthia rushed into Sarah's room and flopped herself down onto a large bean bag thing. "I just saw her storming off down the corridor."

"Did you see someone else," Sarah sniggered as she put the lid back on a pot of cosmetics she's confiscated from a first year apprentice.

Cynthia thought a moment. "Well I did see that Anekhsenamun kid..."

"And she was walking funny."

"Not that I noticed."

Sarah's eyes narrowed as she turned to face Cynthia. That was clearly not the answer she was expecting. "Was she at least crying?"

"Was she supposed to be?"

"I sent her to Triboda with a note saying that she had refused Priest Jeremy..."

"Who's Priest Jeremy?''

Sarah rolled her eyes. "There is no Priest Jeremy. There never was a Priest Jeremy..."

"Then why..."

"Because Anekhsenamun, and who names their daughter that, was a little too independent for her britches and needed taking down a peg or two. Can you imagine she actually refused to do what I asked. And all because she wanted to go to class."

"She needs her education."

"Why? She already knew how to scry. That's all I needed."

"Well Triboda is really steamed. You might want to ease up a bit."

"I'll ease up when I have Delrayna here, where she should be.," Sarah snapped. "Besides, what can Triboda do to me? I'm the High Priest's favourite."

"What so important about having Delrayna here?"

"Because she wanted to stay down on the farm with those people. After what they did to me."

"But she's not there any more. Didn't you say she was some barbarian's slave? She won't be accepted here."

"I'm not going to let my sister be slave to some ignorant savage," Sarah hissed. "I'm going to bring her here and they are going to accept her or they're going to find out the power the Priest's Favourite can wield."

"Didn't she enslave herself," Cynthia asked.

"If the little bitch wants to be a slave then she can be my slave and then I'll ease up on the underlings."

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