Monday, March 16, 2009

sword & sorcery 16

Aleric entered the Tavern and looked around. It was a bit early in the day, but he was sure that there'd be someone around. And he was right. Ther big room was nearly empty, except for a group of ment slustered around one end of the bar. Some of them looked like they's been there since yesterday.

Aleric chose a seat near the men and signalled for the barkeep. A pitcher of Ale, he ordered and glasses for my friends."

"Hey," a sloshed voice called out. "We ain't your..." The voice clamped off as shekels clinked onto the bar.
Aleric grinned as he eyed his new found companions.

"It is said," He said conversatiionally. "That the Glorious One comes to Osoyoos. Another shekel hit the bar. A coin that soon disappeared into a grimy hand, but not before the Ale was delivered and the glasses poured. Aleric took care not to let his companions know that he'd seen the owner of the hand.

"Aye," a voice said. "He does, runs the Hed Sed there. Like we care if he can rule the world or no."

Another coin fell on the bar.

"He may not this year."


"He did not reach Osoyoos, though it's said that his chariot did."

"A bit of free advice," The barkeep wandered over polishing a glass. "The Guard's antsy, and will be asking about strangers that nose about." He paused and studied Aleric's features. "What do you know?"

"Nothing," Aleric grunted. More coins landed on the bar as he ordered another pitcher of ale for his friends.

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