Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sword & Sorcery part 8

Danielle Ap Nud hurt from top to bottom. Yesterday's ride under the punishing sun had left her with an all over burn, and the parts not burned were rough and chafed from the blanket that was her only protection from the mule's bony back. Thankfully, Aleric had allowed her frequent breaks so she could get in whatever shade was available and apply a soothing lotion to her body, and he'd called a halt to the day's traveling before the heat reached it's hottest. She still hurt though.

She was dressed now though. In one of the few summer dresses she had brought from home. With the right side altered. So that her mark of ownership could be easily displayed. Aleric scowled when he'd seen that. A caustic remark had leaped to the tip of her tongue, but remained there. Delrayna had grown up around enough males to know the warning signs.

Aleric was still angry. Not as angry as he had been yesterday. Angry enough that she didn't fancy the idea of testing her limits. Today, and maybe even tomorrow, she would be the meek, the mild, the obedient, little slave.


They had been riding half a day now. Delrayna had been careful not to let too much distance get between her and Aleric, and to always be sure that she kept her mouth shut. She'd been watching the l;ake shore, already it waas showing rapid signs of sinking back into the grounds. The days of Horus' Wrath were truly upon them.

She was the first to spot the golden object in the sand.

"What are you doing," Aleric growled. He had seen her drop off her mule, and try to gert closer for a better look.

"There's something in the sand."


"There." Delrayna pointed to the gleaming object. "I'm going to get it. " She started forward, climbing down the shallow embankment to the lake's sandy bottom. Her feet sank in about half a foot.

"Wait," Aleric commanded gruffly. With slow deliberate movements, he pushed his horse out onto the lake floor. He dismounted and handed the lead to Delrayna. "Stay."

Aleric's feet sunk deeper into the sand, and he appeared to sink as he removed two boards from his pack, which was much larger than the one tied to the back of Delrayna's mule. Tying them to his feet, he was able to move faster. He took one more look to fasten the object's location and was off. Delrayna gritted her teeth in frustration, but she had promised.

She watched as Aleric squatted by the object, and used something, probably a dagger, to pry it out of the sand. He returned with it swinging in his hand, and Delrayna grew more uncomfortable with every approaching step. "Stop," she cried when Aleric was still five paces awy. "That's close enough."

"What,"Aleric demanded.

"Put it down in the sand."

"What," Aleric repeated himself. Then he saw the look on her face. He couldn't say why, but he let his fingers slacken and dropped the object in the sand.

"Move away from it." Aleric did so.

"Why, what is it?"

"Its the double crown. Worn by Pharoah and there is something dark about it."

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