Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seeing the World from A-Z

Now Sam McGee was a very odd man
and all of his friends did agree
That since he won six-forty-nine
He had more money than sense.

I've got the time said Sam McGee
I do not need the work
But I grow so bored of this idle life
It lost itsmeaning for me

I've taken to mind this world to see
And to see it in a special way
I'll give my word right here and now
I'll go from A to Z

His friends all cheered on the night he left
on the plane to Argentine
But they all did scheme to bring him back
before he got to B

Now Sam McGee you know our luck
Has never been as good as yours
said the message in Abany
We think that you should come north with us
To search for gold in Nome

I can't said McGee with a shake of his head
It's not that I don't want to go
It'll go on my list of things to do
But Alaska must wait it's turn

You'll see the world his freinds did say
and in the order you seek
Alaska starts with the Letter A
and A does come before B

That's true McGee said to their growing hope
But there is just one fatal flaw.
While Alaska starts with the Letter A
Its country does start with a U

His freinds . . . they called him O-C

But wait cried McGee with a growing smile
We'll soon be looking for gold
We'll move to the east, to the Yukon wild
In a country that starts with C

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